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Retaining walls carve landscapes and define unique outdoor living areas.​ Stately and sophisticated, retaining walls create outdoor spaces that are beautiful to behold and inviting to walk through. They add visual and textural interest as well as a sense of permanence. Retaining walls can be used to stabilize your property’s landscape, and define outdoor living areas such as;  outdoor rooms, terraced hillsides, raised garden beds, stairs, and fire pits.


Warm and inviting, the rustic TuscanStone™ is perfect for any outdoor living area. With a classic hand-chiseled appearance, TuscanStone has the look of being aged in the sun for hundreds of years. TuscanStone comes in three sizes and four colors giving you the ability to create a variety of outdoor projects. From a simple column or seating wall to more detailed fireplaces, water features, and bar tables, TuscanStone allows you to start or add to your yard or outdoor living space.


StackStone® walls are textured on both faces, so they can be used to create straight, curved and serpentine walls attractive from any angle. ​StackStone is ideal for terraced gardens, free-standing wall, raised planters, and gravity retaining wall up to 2′-0″. StackStone is a registered trademark of Risi Stone Systems.



Kanta offers Keystone Country Manor and Keystone Structural Series retaining wall block.  Country Manor is a beautiful retaining wall system, finished on three sides to allow free-standing, parapet walls to be built. The three-sided finish greatly reduces cutting for 90° corners and step applications. Keystone structural series Standard Units are an industry leader with height-to-depth ratio to delivers structurally sound, engineered wall system with superior construction stability, durability and strength.  With reinforcement and proper engineering, Keystone standard walls can be built in excess of 50 feet tall. 


Keystone Brochure

ManorStone XL

ManorStone XL retaining wall blocks offer versatility and ease-of-use which makes them the ideal landscaping product for a wide variety of projects. The XL-Extra Length (18”) creates a more modern linear look, particularly in the straight face option. Mix and match units to create visual interest, capping your wall, or creating stairs. ManorStone XL is perfect for walls up to 3.5” in height.


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