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The story of Kanta Products is about great people making great products, wrapped in a more than 70-year history of dedicated hard work serving our customers with concrete building materials that are "Made in Montana".  At Kanta we are proud of our family company heritage, our Montana roots, and that over the years our concrete masonry block built hundreds of schools, buildings, churches and jails all across Montana, Idaho, North Dakota and Wyoming.  Click here to read our story as told in The Lewis & Clark Journal. 











Company is founded as “Builder’s Products” by Joe & George Kanta and a couple of investors, located in the Yellowstone Garage / Henslee Building in Three Forks, MT


George and Katie Kanta run the company, Builder’s Products


Tom Kanta joins the company, name changes to “Kanta Products”



Outgrowing the Henslee Building, the company purchases 30 acres at the South edge of Three Forks. Joe Kanta, George Kanta's son, joins the business.



Company expansion. New facility built and product line expansions



Additional family members enter the Kanta Products business; John Neuhaus, Carol Kanta, and Kim Kanta Fink. 




Kanta continues successful operations and providing high-products. The family begins exploring options for the future transition of the business.



Kanta celebrates 70 years in business. In June, Kanta family leadership announces the sale agreement of Kanta to NW family-owned manufacturer Mutual Materials.



Kanta serves the markets of Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and parts of Idaho, providing high-quality concrete products while operating independently within Mutual Materials.

















Click to read the full story of Kanta Products, as reported in the Lewis and Clark Journal.



Are you interested in joining our company?  Click here to see all current job openings across Mutual Materials locations, including Kanta.  Information on how to apply is also included on the website and all jobs across Mutual Materials and Kanta can be applied to directly online.  

Click here for current job openings at Kanta and Mutual Materials.


KANTA Three Forks, Montana

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