Build unique outdoor living spaces that last for years. From commercial plazas and parks to home backyards, hardscapes define spaces and help make outdoor living possible. Designer hardscape features not only enhance the living environment; they increase home value and curb appeal.


Vancouver Bay & Glacier Slate Architectural Slabs

Manufactured of durable concrete, our Vancouver Bay and Glacier Slate add a modern "ahh" factor to outdoor living spaces.  Vancouver Bay slabs have a smooth shot blast finish with a modern contemporary appearance. Glacier Slate slabs have a slate texture finish, lending a more natural stone look.  Both products are the same size and can be mixed and matched to expand the versatility of your design.


Note: Both Vancouver Bay and Glacier Bay architectural slabs are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standard specification CSA A231.1-06. These slabs are not suitable for vehicle traffic.

Vancouver Bay Roof Deck
Glacier Slate Patio
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Architectural Slab

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Holland Pavers

The Holland Series of pavers are a perfect balance of old-world charm and modern practicality and standards. By combining the durability of interlocking concrete pavers, with the timeless appeal of simple brick shapes for paving, the Holland Series is a perfect solution for architects, designers, and engineers alike.


Holland pavers are ideal for residential, municipal, and commercial applications including pool decks, pedestrian malls, terraces, patios, and more. Simple in design, Holland pavers are capable of meeting the demands of both architects and engineers for a beautiful, yet durable paving surface.


Holland pavers are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standard specification ASTM 936.

Holland Driveway, Harvest Blend
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Holland Shuffle Pavers

Holland Shuffle Paver System offers the renowned durability of interlocking concrete pavers capable of meeting the demands of both architects and engineers for a beautiful, yet durable paving surface.

Kanta offers the Holland Shuffle as a set consisting of three sizes: Holland One (4 x 8), Holland Two (8 x 8), and Holland Three (8 x 12) for increased design flexibility.

Holland Shuffle is palleitzed with a mix of shapes on a single pallet for ease of ratio in-purchase and patio installation.

Holland Shuffle
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Roman Cobblestone Pavers

Tumbled for a time-worn appearance, Roman Cobblestone pavers add character and beauty to any outdoor space. Roman Cobblestone pavers can be used alone or in combination with any of our other pavers. Roman Cobblestone is ideal for patios, walkways, driveways and other projects.

Roman Cobblestone pavers are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standard specification ASTM C 936.

Roman Cobblestone Patio
Cobblestone patio, Harvest Blend
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Clay Brick Patio Pavers & Roman Clay Pavers

Clay pavers add warmth and a sense of hospitality to all your outdoor living spaces. With color that never fades, classic clay pavers can be elegant, rustic, or traditional. A variety of colors, textures, and installation patterns allow you to be highly creative with a practical paving surface. Clay pavers can be used for driveways, walkways, patios, sidewalks, and plazas.



Create a Timeless Look with Classic Brick

Clay pavers can be either sand-set or mortar-set, allowing them to be used in a wide range of projects. Brick is timeless and exudes a feeling of warmth and elegance giving any residential or commercial project a classic appeal.

Our clay pavers meet or exceed ASTM C 902.

Roman Clay Pavers
Clay Pavers
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Slaton Patio Slabs

The Slaton™ paving system provides a random natural flagstone appearance and can be installed efficiently in a variety of projects. The shape of each unit is the same, available in six different face patterns.  Slaton units can be installed as a standard paving application such as patios and walkways, or as stepping stones.

Slaton Patio Slabs
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